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Houston TX Martial Arts Training for Kids

Your child will become more disciplined, focused, and confident with
Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Training for Kids

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is a favorite among parents, and it is not hard to see why

There’s no after school program like kids martial arts training. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Kids Programs are open to elementary, and middle/intermediate school students ages 5 to 11 years old. We focus on improving discipline, teaching life skills, anti-bullying education, self-defense, and leadership training. We encourage a positive work ethic and academic values.

See how Tiger-Rock Martial Arts can make a difference.

The Tiger-Rock Difference

Tiger Rock students will take part in rewarding and powerful lessons that will boost confidence, discipline, physical fitness, and life skills.

Child Development

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training helps with child development with lessons in balanced movement, important life skills, and vital exercises. This helps children be focused, coordinated, and confident.

Child Engagement

In addition to our martial arts training, we offer additional programs that are focused on building social skills and instilling academic values.

Summer Tiger-Cubs Program

During the summer, we offer a pre-schoolers an opportunity to train at this Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academy with our Tiger-Cubs program. Designed for 4 and 5-year olds, lessons focus on movement exercises that help build physical balance and sharpen a child’s physical and cognitive coordination.

Year-Round Juniors Program

Elementary and middle/intermediate school students will train year round as part of our Juniors Program. This program represents the next step for your child’s martial arts training. Advanced martial arts techniques and anti-bullying self-defense are major components of the Juniors Program.

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Kids Martial Arts Training in Houston TX

We offer two wonderful kids martial arts training – the Tiger Cubs Program and the Juniors Program. Your child will be enrolled into one of these programs based on age. These programs help kids build a strong foundation in martial arts, self-defense, life skills, academic values, and more.

Tiger Cubs (ages 4, 5, and 6 years)
Specifically designed for children 4, 5, and 6 years of age, Tiger-Rock Tiger Cubs program focuses on developing balance through symmetrical movements. These lessons and exercises help our Cubs focus attention, build confidence, and improve coordination.

Juniors (ages 6 to 10 years old)
Our Juniors program, designed for students 6 to 10 years old, serves as the next step in their martial arts training. These lessons develop self-esteem and confidence, teach discipline and self-control, help channel energy, develop lifelong self defense skills, and encourages positive work ethic and academic values.

Our training improves focus, discipline, and confidence.

Perfect Class Times Tiger-Rock Kids Martial Arts classes start at 4:30pm and end before 7pm. Make sure you contact the academy for the latest Kids Martial Arts Class schedule. We have available spectator space so that you can watch your child’s class!

A great experience Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training is a wonderful experience for kids. They will make new friends, improve social skills, and most importantly, have lots, and lots of fun.

Our promise Our world-class Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Instruction team promises a safe, fun, and structured environment for your child. We strive to make sure that we make a positive and encouraging impact on your child’s life.

Students ages 4 to 11 can participate in kids martial arts training. We welcome all students to Tiger-Rock, no matter your martial arts experience.