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Get Started Today with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Houston TX

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Introductory Course serves as the perfect way to begin
your martial arts training in Houston TX

Introduce yourself to Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

The Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Introductory “Intro” Course serves as the first three lessons you will take at a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academy. This course allows you to:

  • Become familiar with the Tiger-Rock system.
  • Participate in official martial arts lessons.
  • Receive a performance evaluation from our Certified Instructors.

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The Tiger-Rock Difference

Why should you take the Tiger-Rock Introduction Course?

Introduction to the Tiger-Rock System

The Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training system is a unique blend of Korean martial arts traditions and physical fitness. You will be able to see if our system is right for you.

Introduction to R15E®

The Tiger-Rock R15E® is our initiative to help turn every student that enrolls in our academies into successful black belts — on the mat and in life.