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Become fit with Houston TX Martial Arts

Improve your physical fitness with world-class martial arts training
at Tiger-Rock in Houston TX

Martial arts and physical fitness go hand-in-hand at Tiger-Rock

Physical fitness plays a major role in Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training. With Strength and Conditioning workouts, participants of various fitness levels experience a challenging and rewarding workout. Exercises include plyometrics, bag work, and strength training.

The Tiger-Rock Difference

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training can bolster strength, balance, stamina, and endurance.

Improve Strength

Basic movements in Tiger-Rock training will gradually help you build strength, tone your body, and improve your flexibility.

Improve Balance

Through a focus on kicking and striking, Tiger-Rock training will help increase your range of motion, coordination, and flexibility.

Improve Stamina & Endurance

Each lesson that you take in Tiger-Rock builds upon the previous lesson. As you advance in our training system, you will see your physical stamina and endurance improve with muscle toning and strengthening.

Your transformation begins with an introduction

Begin your journey today at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts by enrolling in our Introductory Course. This special beginners’ course includes:

  • Three official martial arts lessons
  • A complimentary official training uniform
  • Official performance evaluation

Click here to find out how you can enroll today.