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About The Academy

A unique experience

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Houston aims to enrich the lives of each of our students through our unique model of martial arts, fitness, skills training. By combining the latest training methods with the cherished tradition that is martial arts, Tiger Rock Martial Arts provides every student that comes through our door an experience that cannot be found in any other academy in the area.

Senior Master Sidney Brewer, a 7th-degree black belt, serves as the Master Instructor of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Houston.

His dedication to serving the Northwest Houston area community with various charitable initiatives and dedicated martial arts instruction is without parallel in the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts community.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts focuses on creating a challenging, yet fun environment that no other martial arts academy in the Greater Houston area can match. Tiger Rock students enjoy the many benefits especially when first starting:

  • We have four specialized programs: Tiger Cubs, Juniors, Youth & Adults.
  • Students can start any time and blend into the academy with other beginners,
  • Students can move forward at their own rate and not as a class unit.
  • Annually qualified instructors are dedicated to excellence and continuing education.
  • We train students based upon improving on what they do well; not based on what they do wrong.

We welcome students of all ages and backgrounds to our academy. Whether you are experienced in martial arts or just getting started on the mat, we invite you to come see what Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Houston is all about. As always, we will see you on the mat!

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